Podcast Player & Summarizer

Listen to the latest episodes and generate the summaries from your favorite shows.

Oct 7, 2023 1 min read

About the project

Podcasts are ful with information and knowledge and I find podcasts to be the perfect resource for acquiring knowledge on topics that interest me. While there are many podcasts players available, one thing that motivated me to develop my own podcast player is to put my skills to the test by creating an audio streaming app like Spotify.

Additionally, a feature that is often lacking in existing podcast players is the ability to generate podcast summaries. This functionality would allow busy listeners to quickly grasp the information contained within episodes before delving further. In order to generate summaries, the app will transcribe the audio and call the OpenAI API to generate key points.

Download the code

This project is still in heavy development, but you can download and try out the code from my Github.